Welcome to HNA

We develop business, trade and industry in Hudiksvall.

Hudiksvalls Näringslivs AB, HNA is there to help start, develop or relocate businesses to the Hudiksvall municipality. You can come to us with all of your business or entrepreneur questions.

Welcome to HNA – together, we develop the business market in Hudiksvall.

Start a Business

HNA offers several services if you are starting up or have recently opened a business.

Our support includes information, advice and guidance based on extensive experience and broad business knowledge. We also have a large network of talented partners, so we can always point you in the right direction if we are unable to meet all of your needs.

Start your business journey with us!

Support and advice

Receive specialist advice on how to get up and running and get your business off to a good start.

We provide information about the finance and funding support that is available.


We inform you of the educational opportunities available for existing and new entrepreneurs.

We provide information about the permits needed for your business and any reporting that needs to be done.


We invite you to meetings and give advice on networks that can provide you with important contacts for your enterprise.

Premises and Land
Get information about  suitable business facilities available for rent or for sale.

Expand your Business

Are you a business owner who wants to take your business to the next level? Develop and launch a new product or service? Enter a new market, nationally or internationally? HNA offers various services for those of you who are looking to develop your business.

Support and advice

Our experienced advisors provide qualified and confidential support and guidance in business and finance.

There are several different ways to finance expansion efforts . We help you sort things out and present the different options available, ranging from debt and venture capital to public assistance in various forms.

For those looking to embark into international markets, we can assist with connections to government agencies and companies that are experts at exporting.

Sell​​, buy or liquidate
If you want to sell or liquidate your company, or maybe buy a new one, we act as mediators and put you in touch with the right people.

Premises and land
Whether you need to hire a premises for your business or buy land to build, we will help you with the right contacts.

Support for innovation
If you are thinking about implementing new ideas in your business or investing in research and development, we can put you in contact with the agencies and companies that help creative entrepreneurs .

HNA assist in helping you find employees with the right skills and competencies. We also offer relocation services.

Meetings and Networking
We invite you to meetings and give advice on networks that can provide you with important contacts for your enterprise.

Bring Your Business to Hudiksvall

Are you looking to locate your business in the Hudiksvall Municipality?
How does a place with great potential, a good business environment and a strong future sound? Welcome to Hudiksvall Municipality!

Hudiksvall is a great community with great potential.
The principal town of the municipality is Hudiksvall. It’s a charming town situated on the Baltic coast 2.5 hours north of Stockholm.

Business in the Hudiksvall Municipality consists of more than 4000 companies of various sizes and within various industries. These include a number of major exporting companies in manufacturing, and high end technologies such as world leaders in hydraulics, sensor technology and optical fiber.

Some of the best known companies and organizations in the municipality are Iggesund Paperboard, Holmen Timber , Hitachi , OilQuick , SUNFAB , Cargotec, SenseAir , Fiber Optic Valley and Acreo.

Just as in many other places, an ongoing structural change in the industry is taking place. The historically important industrial enterprises are now being joined by an increasing number of service providers. Statistics from NyföretagarCentrum (the Business Enterprise Agency) show that the majority of new business entrants in the past year are service companies.

More than 60 percent of businesses in the municipality are private independent firms, about 30 percent are joint stock limited companies and the remaining are commerce and trade partnerships.

HNA offer a qualified and free service for those planning to establish a business in the Hudiksvall Municipality . We also help existing businesses looking to expand or relocate their operations to the municipality.

Contact us at HNA and tell us your plans so that we can help you!

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